Embezzlement Virginia Criminal Defenses Lawyers

In case you are accused of embezzlement charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, then it is extremely important for you to have a team of well-versed embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers who will help you understand your situation and guide the complicated pathways of the severe criminal justice system of the state.

Whether they are supporting you to comprehend your specific set of extenuating situations or working aggressively in order to protect you from utterly false accusations, a theft legal practitioner is your advocate and an ally both in as well as out of the courtroom. Make sure to search on online web directories to find out a reputable, reliable firm of embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers, take their interviews, and choose the only attorney or law firm that you find yourself in optimal comfort and confidence.

When it comes to the corporate world, embezzlement is a crime of an economic nature. It is the misappropriation of funds consists of keeping money that is not yours and that has been entrusted to you. For example, if an official steals money from public coffers or a bank employee from money which is left in cash. In both cases they are in charge of that money, they have to manage it sensibly. But that money is from the taxpayer or the client respectively. According to reliable embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers, embezzlement can be understood as spending money on inappropriate concepts. For example, expenses unrelated to the activity of the company, expenses that are not related to the corporate purpose of the company, and others.

Embezzlement is a very common issue in organizations, as revealed by a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. From a survey conducted among more than 1,200 large companies in 50 countries. It was found that, because of business fraud, on average, they lost 2.2 million dollars a year each. Apart from this average value, many declared costs higher than 10 million and 400 of them could not quantify the losses due to such business fraud.

According to aggressive embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers, misappropriation of assets is typically the main crime as the assets can easily become money. From the sale or use of a good of the company for improper purposes, to charge surcharges or bill personal services or nonexistent to the company, this constitutes the most common fraud.

No company is safe from being denounced for any purpose. Another thing is whether or not a crime has been committed. What is clear is the need to have an adequate compliance plan in the company that prevents us from these crimes, make it more difficult to commit and in case of suffering, exonerate the company of all responsibility to have put all the means at your disposal to avoid that circumstance.

The Criminal Code of Virginia has severe punishment for individuals executing embezzlement. Given the severity of monetary penalties and jail punishments, it is extremely vital to retain a team of experienced embezzlement Virginia criminal defenses lawyers to defend your rights and get the best possible outcome.


Reckless driving is a serious offense. But what constitutes reckless driving in Virginia? Well, reckless driving is a violation of the traffic regulations of Virginia. Driving without caution, driving inappropriately or driving without due care and attention are all less serious than reckless driving. When one is operating a vehicle imprudently, no matter the cause, you can be charged with reckless driving or reckless driving.

Cause of reckless driving

When you are driving recklessly, you are showing a lack of interest in the safety of others and the rules of the road. This is a mental state and can result from one of the following known causes: dissolution or conflict in a relationship or marriage, personality disorder, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and pressure from your environment and road rage. Although psychologists have studied reckless driving in Virginia, no specific cause can be assigned to every person sentenced for reckless driving.

Penalties for reckless driving

Reckless driving is typically penalized with monetary fines, imprisonment, and suspension or revocation of driver’s license. The penalties for running, skipping a red light, braking untimely on wet roads causing slippage or skating, driving without lights, careless driving, being in a traffic accident and drunk driving depend on where you live. Reckless driving can give you negative points that apply to your license. In a 12 month period, if there are 12 or more negative points in your license, it will be suspended.

Challenge reckless driving in court

Reckless driving in Virginia can be defended in court by arguing that the laws and ordinances are not clear. This would mean that the law was unconstitutional and invalid because the definition is very vague. For a large part, the states have succeeded in proving that the laws clearly define the rules, but some have found that the laws are, in fact, unconstitutionally vague.

Separate infractions

Drunk driving and reckless driving can be penalized as separate infractions. The evidence that causes reckless driving in Virginia can be admitted in court. Evidence of drinking while driving, for example, may prove to be the reason that recklessness has occurred, and instead can be used to sentence someone for driving under the toxic influence (DUI).

Negative Points

In every state, anyone who demonstrates carelessness for the rights or safety of people and property by driving recklessly in a dangerous manner or at high speeds is guilty of reckless driving. And the reckless driver gets a permanent criminal record as well as receives six negative points on their license. In Virginia, if you hold 18 fewer points in a 12-month period, then your driver’s license will eventually be suspended. Additionally, you will have to go to the driving school. The suspension span will typically depend on the nature of the traffic infraction. Likewise, if you keep 24 points less in 24 months, then your license will be suspended.

If you are charged with reckless driving in Virginia, it is imperative to retain an experienced and highly reliable lawyer as soon as possible protect your social and professional life as well as driving privileges.


In recent years the enforcement of Virginia law has placed more emphasis on speeding, especially on roads and in cities, according to the Virginia State Police. Minor speeding infractions can be a nuisance, but once a driver has crossed over to reckless driving, the load and consequences can be very serious.

What counts as reckless driving in Virginia?

Reckless driving can be classified as crimes involving speeding, visibility, vehicle control and carelessness. In the speed category, reckless driving is driving at 20 mph over the speed limit or speeding at over 80 mph, which can also be considered racing. Driving too fast for current road conditions can also be considered reckless driving.

Currently, there are 13 different statutes on reckless driving in Virginia. They include:

  1. general recklessness,
  2. loss of control or driving with improperly adjusted brakes,
  3. passing over a hill or around a corner,
  4. driving with obstructed vision,
  5. passing two auto vehicles in a single lane,
  6. passing a stopped school or college bus,
  7. passing at a railroad grade crossing or intersection,
  8. driving too hastily for traffic conditions,
  9. failing to give reasonable signals,
  10. exceeding the speed limit,
  11. driving too fast for traffic conditions,
  12. not yielding the right-of-way, or
  13. driving “recklessly” on parking lots.

Each Inappropriate Management statute requires specific defenses. For example, below the section that counts as reckless driving in Virginia to pass a school bus, the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. the driver did not stop or remain in custody when approaching a school bus; and
  2. that, in fact, the bus was school and that it was proceeding to unload or load passengers.

Under the section that qualifies for reckless driving with poorly adjusted brakes, the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. the driver was not in control or had inadequate or incorrectly adjusted brakes; and
  2. walked the streets of Virginia.

As one can see, the elements of each kind of inappropriate handling can be substantially different and therefore require different defenses. The statutes on Inappropriate Management most commonly used in Virginia are the “general” statute, the “speed” statute, and the school bus statute.

The defense of the “general” statute is very intense in terms of the facts. This is because the prosecutor must prove that:

  1. the driver was driving at a speed or in such a way as to endanger the life, limbs or property of another; or
  2. handled “imprudently” – carelessness on the part of the driver about the consequences of their actions as well as an indifference to the safety of life, members or property.

Each of these cases is different. Visibility includes driving with obscured visibility or passing a car on the top of a hill. Expenses related to vehicle control include defective brakes or inadequate control of the vehicle. Finally, neglect implies the passage of emergency vehicles or school buses that are in service, the passage of vehicles at railroad crossings or driving two cars a day, or passing two vehicles that are running daily on roads that do not have several lanes. Giving inadequate or misleading signals also counts as reckless driving in Virginia.

How to fight a Speeding Ticket in Virginia

Talking about how fast you can drive sounds cool, but when it comes to reality; you find blue and red lights chasing you like anything. Speeding is something which is prohibited by every other police all around the world because the results are never in your favor. Not just yourself, you endanger everyone’s life and their property. Virginia has the same law for speeding; they do not tolerate it if the person goes above limit on the highways or roads. For reckless driving and driving a vehicle on a suspended license is a crime and the charges are equal to commit a crime. Although, the speeding ticket charge isn’t labeled as criminal in Virginia. But, the consequences can be long-lasting and costly. You can either get your license terminated or suspended; another option is; you will get increased insurance rate the next time, once you pay the charges. There are options given; whether you would like to pay the fines or you can appeal for the fine in the court, resulting a less amount of fine, no charges at all or more serious charges if the result comes in opposition’s favor. Even if you beat the charges of speeding, it won’t vanish just like that, everything you did will be added in your driving record and will be kept as the “past incidents”.

Can I Beat the Speed Ticket Charges?

Before explaining and sorting out everything, a simple answer might satisfy you. Yes, you can beat the charges if you are ever supposed to drive with insane speed or to cross the limit. Following are the ways you can fight a speeding ticket and hope to get the result in your favor.

The Court should know: You need to go to the court first to enter the not guilty plea. Those who are going to take care of your case will tell you the timings and the dates, for your case. Remember, once you enter the court and submit your request, it is must for you to visit the Court once they assign you the day and date.

Hire a lawyer? Your call: It is not always necessary to go for an attorney or a lawyer, but taking help from someone who has studied law all his life and fought cases like these before is obviously a plus point. Hiring a lawyer depends on your budget and how severe the charges are. Also, hiring an attorney would make the process a lot easier for you to handle than fighting it all alone.

Time for the hearing: It’s the day when you are going to represent yourself in the arraignment in front of the judge or the jury. Do your homework properly and bring witnesses (if there are any). Also be ready to answer every question which comes your way. Plan accordingly what you are going to state in front of the judge and how you are going to present the case in the court.

Plead the case: Standing in front of the judge or the Court, one must always maintain the discipline and try to behave in a manner where the favorable mood can be obtained from the judge or the jury. After hearing all the case and studying both sides of the story, the judge will decide what to order; whether to keep the charges or to lessen it or drop it completely. The order will decide what your next step is going to be.

Virginia Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

Most people accused of embezzlement are not criminal geniuses. Simply because they are ordinary people and workers like you who have made a simple mistake or a bad decision related to their money or valuables that have been entrusted to them. One should not let a bad decision ruin your reputation and your future! Instead, accused of fraud or embezzlement charges should get fast and effective legal assistance from one of the reliable, well-versed Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys.


Sometimes, people fall into the trap of thinking that it really is not worth hiring an embezzlement lawyer if the charges against them are minor or if the evidence against them is strong. This could not be further from reality. Every time you are accused of a crime, you can and should exercise your right to a criminal defense lawyer.

Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys can give you valuable assistance with your case:

  • being present during police interrogation to ensure fair treatment;
  • attending your arraignment hearing to obtain a fair bond or release at your own risk;
  • investigating the case to discover evidence for its defense;
  • presenting motions to remove any evidence obtained illegally, such as forced confessions;
  • trying to convince the District Attorney that the charges against him must be withdrawn;
  • negotiating with the prosecution an indulgent agreed sentence, if applicable; or
  • defending his innocence in court if necessary.

White collar crimes and frauds range from misdemeanors to serious crimes that can involve millions of dollars. No matter what end of the spectrum your case is in, Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys can deliver you exceptional defense representation and work just as hard to protect your rights and avoid a conviction, whether you face years of imprisonment or a fine that would amount to a minor reprimand.


There is a wide variety of non-violent crimes that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. To ensure that your lawyer is qualified to address the specific charges you face, it is important to hire a defense attorney with a broad knowledge base and extensive experience. One of the most experienced Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys would be an excellent choice for your white collar crime case who has specialization in the specific niche, knows the legal statutes and relevant jurisprudence for all types of crimes, and understands how to interpret the technical, financial evidence that usually accompanies white collar crimes. Some of the most common white collar crimes occurring in Virginia include:

  1. Bribery
  2. Embezzlement
  3. Extortion
  4. Falsification
  5. Credit card fraud
  6. Insurance fraud
  7. Mail fraud
  8. Fiscal fraud
  9. Identity Theft
  10. Internet crimes

As your Virginia fraud and embezzlement defense attorneys, your chosen team’s goal is to help you resolve the allegations against you in the fastest and most advantageous way possible. Depending on the facts of your case as well as the disposition of the prosecution, the legal team may withdraw the charges for lack of evidence or rebut the charges in the trial. You can count on their ability to provide you a skillful representation in court. However, if the evidence in your case is such that you are unlikely to obtain an acquittal, it will not be in your best interest to go to trial. Instead, they will ensure that they get the outcome that exposes you to the lightest possible penalties.


The credit card has eventually become one of the frequently used means of payment. Consequently, cardholders are often vulnerable to credit card scams, theft, forgery, and frauds. A fraud on credit cards is any action that leads to the scam of the account holder or the bank making you lose your money or use of your data and identity in a way that is not authorized by you, say credit card fraud charge defense lawyers Virginia.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the credit and debit card fraud laws are heavily severe. Under §18.2-195. et. seq., credit card fraud is penalized as class 1 misdemeanor in case the fraud is below $200 during a period of six months; otherwise, it would be class 6 felony. Considering the severity of the crime, it is vital to hire a reliable defense attorney in order to safeguard your legal rights when you are accused of credit card fraud charges.

Types of credit card frauds

1.      Pishing

Pishing is the most common fraud action; they are all those emails that commonly arrive as directed by the bank when in reality it is not like that. They are emails that are intended to extract the largest amount of data from those who open them, and the purpose of it is to obtain data from the cardholder’s credit card.

2.      Hacking

This type of fraud is carried out through malicious software, which is also known as malware, or Trojan virus whose intention is to integrate into the computer system and create a copy of all the data.

If you make purchases online, you will know that in order to process it you will be required the 16 digits of your credit card, the validity, and the verification digit, since all this data is copied and sent to the source of the malware, where it can be extracted.

According to credit card fraud charge defense lawyers Virginia, these types of fraud can result in:

  • Theft of money in the bank account
  • Misuse of the credit card
  • Sale of personal data
  • Identity theft
  • Massive advertising

3.      Cloning

This type of fraud commonly occurs in ATMs where devices hack the magnetic system of your credit card and make a copy of the data. It should be noted that for this procedure, it is often not necessary for the plastic to have direct contact with the device.

Because it is almost imperceptible, it is advisable to check ATMs before disposing of cash or making any movement. Remember the cashier should not be dirty, have stickers stuck, or advertisements of any kind.

4.      Theft of data physically

Another common form of data theft occurs at the terminals of physical stores, say credit card fraud charge defense lawyers Virginia. Have you ever asked for the credit card to pay and the terminal is far from your sight? Well, this practice is common, and depending on the trade, you can determine the level of confidence you place in the person who takes your plastic.

Credit Card Fraud Charge Defense Lawyers

Credit cards are like the lung: everyone has one and most people, two. You cannot understand life today without those little cards that open doors and windows to consumption and other things.

There was a time when credit cards could be a complement to something more important: people had money on it and the card just in case or for high expenses. But today the payment devices, and very uniquely the cards, have replaced money in the wallets of many people. Something that thieves also know that credit card fraud charge defense lawyers warn cardholders.

Although card issuers constantly innovate to give them increasing security and make it harder for someone to take away the card, supplant our identity and consume with it, this is a possibility that exists. The possibility that is the cornerstone of card insurance, which has had an important development in recent years, as important as the electronic payment means themselves.

According to well-versed credit card fraud charge defense lawyers, the epicenter of most card insurance is theft. The theft of the wallet with the card details or cards inside, as anyone who has suffered it, knows is a horrible situation. The moment we become aware of the abduction, there are several priorities that cross over. Above all, credit card fraud charge defense lawyers recommend cardholders to prevent the fraudulent use of their money for purchases and recover their capacity for spending and consumption that has just been on standby because they could quickly run out of their means to pay for those purchases. It is possible that after a card theft can impersonate our identity and consume with it.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the credit and debit card fraud laws are potentially harsh. As per §18.2-195. et. seq., credit card fraud is penalized as class 1 misdemeanor when the fraud is below $200 in a period of six months; otherwise, it would be class 6 felony. Taking into account the severity of the crime, it is crucial to hire a well-versed defense attorney to protect your rights if you are accused of credit card fraud charges.

Here are certain tips suggested by credit card fraud charge defense lawyers that you can adopt to prevent credit card fraud by keeping your bank cards safe from thieves:

  • Place your plastic in a bag or purse near your body where they cannot be easily snatched away.
  • For both men and women, carry only the card you will use that day. The rest leave them at home.
  • Keep in mind that thieves can take pictures of your card with a camera or a mobile phone, so do not leave it exposed more than necessary.
  • After making a purchase, save your financing product immediately. Always confirm that you have it in your possession before leaving the store or restaurant.
  • Do not throw personal information in the trash, as long as you do, break it into very small pieces.

The credit card was born to spare individuals the risk and the hassle of going through life with money on top. And the card insurance was born to avoid the clients the risk and the trouble of suffering problems with these cards. A chain of protection that works.

Federal Cyber Crime Defense Attorney

Scams, identity theft as well as cybercrime threaten all of us. Each year, people and organizations lose billions of dollars due to cyber crimes, identity theft, and scams. No one is typically immune to such dangers. Both young individuals as well as adults are victims alike and if you assume you are too smart in order to become one of them, then you are utterly wrong. In fact, smart people with highly sensitive financial knowledge are actually more likely to be affected by financial fraud, say a well-versed federal cyber crime defense attorney.

Identity theft, impersonating or assuming the identity of other persons for illicit purposes is a crime classified as identity theft. In the financial context, identity theft is used to access certain resources or obtain credits and other benefits at the expense of the person whose identity is usurped and without benefit. This crime is growing, affecting all financial institutions in Virginia, especially those with Internet operations, says a reliable federal cyber crime defense attorney.

There are wide variety of cybercrime activities take place in Virginia. Some of the most common forms of cybercrime include:

  • hacking: misusing or shutting down computer networks or websites;
  • distributing child pornography;
  • phishing: taking advantage of fake email messages in order to obtain personal information and confidential details from internet users;
  • grooming: making sexual advances to minors.
  • misusing personal details and information (also referred to as identity theft); and
  • spreading hate as well as inciting terrorism;

According to federal cyber crime defense attorney, these numbers, besides being alarming, present a risk to the financial system of our state. Once a financial institution or organization becomes a victim, or even faces a threat of identity theft or similar cyber crimes, such an organization end up establishing a higher reputation. Statistics demonstrate the inadequacy of public initiatives aimed at preventing identity theft and mitigating their damage. So it is our duty to take care of our personal and financial information so as not to be a victim anymore, says a reputable federal cyber crime defense attorney.

Much has been talked about the requirement to view cyber risk not only from the perspective of systems and technology but also as a complete vision of cyber risk, involving participation from Senior Management, through the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Legal and of course, Communication. The participation of all involved will allow companies to take into account the full cycle of risk, beyond just prevention, considering analysis, mitigation and cyber resilience, says an aggressive federal cyber crime defense attorney.

The attacks that have taken place in recent months, along with the discovery of new forms of cyber intrusion, have served as learning for various companies and organizations. Some of the lessons learned were the need to establish relationships with organizations that offer support in the face of a cyber attack, such as regulatory, legal entities, and recovery service agencies, including forensic analysis and crisis management.

Having prevention and response plans is vital to ensure business continuity, or facilitate recovery, recommends a senior federal cyber crime defense attorney.


Every day we see in the news that a Website has been hacked and that a database has been compromised. That scares us all. Not to go so far, recently Anonymous made “the biggest attack” in history, sneaking into the servers of GoDaddy, leaving with a single attack more than 50 million websites offline.

Unfortunately, among them were my Blogs … and yours?

Hacking and defacing networks, databases, and websites is one of the main threats that computer users are facing today. According to the well-versed lawyer having expertise in computer hacking laws and penalties in Virginia, computer hacking is also referred to as computer trespass which is a Class 3 misdemeanor, carrying significant punishments and severe penalties. It typically involves the breaking into of a computer system or device in order to alter or amend or modify the presently available settings. (§ 18.2-152.4)

It is important that we take care of and worry about the security of our Blogs, websites, databases, computers and other confidential contents. Here are nine easy steps to keep your WordPress Blog safer and optimally protected from hackers:

1.      Use Strong Passwords

This is the first step to ensure your Blog, use strong, indecipherable passwords. This step should not be procrastinated, if you are not using a password of at least 10 characters, with numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase), then you are making a serious mistake. In fact, what are you waiting for?

2.      Always keep up with the Updates

The Updates WordPress are not released to improve web positioning, they are launched to fix flaws, add features, and most importantly, fix gaps in the security system.

Will WordPress (or another CMS platform) always be one step ahead of hackers? Of course not.

Unlike. They will always be a step behind the Hackers, and we must accept it, is the world in which we live.

But in spite of this, we should not provide these criminals with work.

The WordPress team works hard to create updates that make WordPress a better platform, leaving old installations with small gaps in the source code.

Those gaps allow entry to hackers.

Some feel afraid to update WordPress, because the theme they use may lose the changes/customization, or some plugins stop working.

My answer to that is simple: That does not stop you, always make a backup before updating WordPress, so when you update it, you can quickly reconfigure the theme (if your theme loses the settings).

3.      Protect your Access as Administrator

Should I change the “Administrator” username that comes with WordPress by default? Sure, you can do it. But not doing it does not hurt you at all.

Keep in mind, that the username is not the key factor in terms of security measures. Hackers can easily find your username; they just need to see some article of yours or see the URL of the author. The important thing is the password, as I mentioned in step 1.

4.      Save yourself from Access Attacks

According to statistics shown by Copyblogger, which is one of the most read blogs in the world, a site receives more than 275 unauthorized access attempts … every hour!

Surely none of us receives that number of attacks, but we are not exempt from receiving some.

First, be sure to follow steps 1, 2, and 3.

Second, there are plugins that you can install in your WordPress that will help you make hackers’ work more difficult.

The Plugin Limit Login Attempts, is perfect for this since it blocks the IP address that tries to access erroneously more than the amount you set.

How to Fight a Temporary Restraining Order in Virginia

Fighting protective orders aren’t easy in Virginia. Since 2011, when the new policies for Protective orders were announced, the game has changed. It has become something which considers the very crucial matter, and also it is given so much value. Knowing what kind of protective order you are going to fight makes the case easier for the attorney and you. There are three types of protective orders;

  1. Emergency Protective Order (EPO)
  2. Preliminary Protective Order (PPO)
  3. Final Protective Order (FPO)

There is a number of limit behind all these categories; reason behind making all these rules. The Emergency Protective Order is limited to 72 hours only and expires at the very next minute once the clock completes rotating thrice. It is usually called temporary restraining order. Preliminary Protective Order has 15 days under its name, or the length of this order can be extended until the hearing completes. Final Protective Order is the major one which is at least two years long and can further be extended, depending entirely on the case and the situation there is.

Fighting Emergency Protective Order (EPO) or Preliminary Protective Order (PPO)

In Virginia, you take your cases to court or to the magistrate where Emergency Protective Order or Preliminary Protective Orders are given within a specific period mentioned in it. Preliminary Protective Order is the ones which are mostly considered as the temporary protective order. They are temporary, taking at least 15 days and can extend up to a year or two or until the case hearing is going on. While you think that the Protective orders are taken for the real protection, sometimes the case has been a file to gain the child custody or support in their favor. Having the leverage in the divorce cases or child support cases, this type of case can be filed. You need to consult an attorney for the best solutions and your rights. An attorney will surely make you feel better if you are charged with any of the Protective order and will assure you the positive side of it.

Once you hire an attorney or a lawyer, the process to cancel the protective order begins. But, you need to understand few things which will help you gain your right back. Following are the main points which you need to do for having the order in your favor;

  1. Know the Type of Protective Order (as mentioned above)
  2. Know your Rights (consult an attorney for your rights after getting charged with the protective order)
  3. Gather Evidence or Proof (Collect whatever you think have been left out in the case before and prove your innocence)
  4. Don’t criticize any character in the court or outside of it (especially the ones who are involved in the case and who asked for protection)
  5. Compliance
  6. File a response in time (follow the court rules and do everything in time and accordingly)
  7. Conclusion (wait for the outcome)