Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Fairfax Virginia

Security of Minors is an issue for parents for decades. There are various issues of Minors which can cause a severe effect on their life. Carnal Knowledge is referred as rape, consensual sexual relation or child molestation due to which life of minor become worst. Carnal Knowledge of any minor is considered as the Constitute of sexual activity of a child who is below fifteen. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Fairfax Virginia has some distinctions based on the age difference between alleged victim and accuser.

Carnal Knowledge is recognized as the sexual acts which include the actual intercourse related to the acts of oral sex. The charges of Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Fairfax Virginia imposed on the basis of age of the offender and alleged victim. The parents of every minor can post the case against the offender based on the overall situation and scenarios. In the Fairfax Virginia, there are various statutory rape lawyers which have the deep knowledge about the carnal knowledge of certain minors and about the charges and penalties which can help a victim in getting the justice. The cases of carnal knowledge go by the actual age of parties as the penalty and charges depend on the ages of offender and victim.

Penalties of Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors

Carnal Knowledge of Certain minors is labelled as 18.2-64.1 in the code of Fairfax Virginia in which there are different conditions for the penalties of the alleged offender. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Fairfax Virginia covers the following conditions for the penalty and charges of Accused.

  • The Accuser can get the prison of two to ten years and a fine of around $100,000 in the class 4 felony if the victim is less than fifteen years and the accuser is older than eighteen years.
  • The consensual act of class 6 felony will be applied when both offender and accuser are minors but the accused is three or more years old than the accuser. In this case, accused can get the penalty of one year jail and fine of $ 2,500 or the prison of around five years only.
  • The Consensual act of class 4 with $250 will be charged on offender when the age of accused is less than three years of the accuser.

The age of offender and accuser have high value in this section as the penalties and charges depend on their age. In various cases, Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Fairfax Virginia require the actual birthdates of the accused and accuser. There is no leverage for any party in this matter as the wrong judgement in the age cannot be ignored in the case of carnal knowledge of certain minors.

No Statute of Limitations

Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Fairfax Virginia has no such limitation for a felony as charges can be brought no matter how many years pass after the alleged offence. However, for the misdemeanour, charges are required to be brought within the first year of the alleged offence. However, in the Fairfax Virginia, if any offender again repeats the carnal knowledge on minors than a lifetime jail can be imposed on the offender.

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