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The child custody laws in Virginia are complex.

Child custody is a legal term used to qualify the relationship the child or children has between the parents.   A determination of child custody in Virginia will resolve issues such as which parent will the child or children spend the majority of time with or will the parents equally share their time with the child or children. Who ultimately has physical custody of your child in Virginia may have an impact on child support payments.

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The child custody courts in Stafford, Virginia frequently use the term “best interests of the child” when deciding which parent will get primary physical custody of the child.  There are a variety of factors the child custody courts in Stafford, Virginia use when they decide a child custody case.  It is essential that your Stafford, Virginia child custody lawyer know which factors are relevant to you case.

Our child custody attorneys in Stafford, Virginia have found that most parents are able to decide by themselves what the child custody and visitation arrangements are going to be for the child or children without a judge deciding the issue of child custody. However, some parents are not reasonable and unable to cooperate and come to an agreement as to the custody of the child or children. When parents engage in child custody litigation, the relationship between the parents can become very hostile. The mentality some parents take is that of a win at all costs. Some of the allegations that are made in court filings are that of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, alienation of affection by the other parent, etc. The SRIS, P.C. child custody attorneys in Stafford, Virginia always counsel their clients to take the “high road” in a custody battle. The reason we counsel our clients to take the high road approach in a child custody battle is for two reasons: 1) the truth ultimately comes out and judges who have been hearing child custody cases in Stafford,Virginia are not pleased when parents make false allegations; 2) although it is very important that you do not allow false allegations to go unchallenged, child custody battles can be very expensive. If both parties engage in making speculative allegations in a child custody case, this will only drive up the cost of litigation.

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