Credit Card Fraud Charge Defense Lawyers

Credit cards are like the lung: everyone has one and most people, two. You cannot understand life today without those little cards that open doors and windows to consumption and other things.

There was a time when credit cards could be a complement to something more important: people had money on it and the card just in case or for high expenses. But today the payment devices, and very uniquely the cards, have replaced money in the wallets of many people. Something that thieves also know that credit card fraud charge defense lawyers warn cardholders.

Although card issuers constantly innovate to give them increasing security and make it harder for someone to take away the card, supplant our identity and consume with it, this is a possibility that exists. The possibility that is the cornerstone of card insurance, which has had an important development in recent years, as important as the electronic payment means themselves.

According to well-versed credit card fraud charge defense lawyers, the epicenter of most card insurance is theft. The theft of the wallet with the card details or cards inside, as anyone who has suffered it, knows is a horrible situation. The moment we become aware of the abduction, there are several priorities that cross over. Above all, credit card fraud charge defense lawyers recommend cardholders to prevent the fraudulent use of their money for purchases and recover their capacity for spending and consumption that has just been on standby because they could quickly run out of their means to pay for those purchases. It is possible that after a card theft can impersonate our identity and consume with it.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the credit and debit card fraud laws are potentially harsh. As per §18.2-195. et. seq., credit card fraud is penalized as class 1 misdemeanor when the fraud is below $200 in a period of six months; otherwise, it would be class 6 felony. Taking into account the severity of the crime, it is crucial to hire a well-versed defense attorney to protect your rights if you are accused of credit card fraud charges.

Here are certain tips suggested by credit card fraud charge defense lawyers that you can adopt to prevent credit card fraud by keeping your bank cards safe from thieves:

  • Place your plastic in a bag or purse near your body where they cannot be easily snatched away.
  • For both men and women, carry only the card you will use that day. The rest leave them at home.
  • Keep in mind that thieves can take pictures of your card with a camera or a mobile phone, so do not leave it exposed more than necessary.
  • After making a purchase, save your financing product immediately. Always confirm that you have it in your possession before leaving the store or restaurant.
  • Do not throw personal information in the trash, as long as you do, break it into very small pieces.

The credit card was born to spare individuals the risk and the hassle of going through life with money on top. And the card insurance was born to avoid the clients the risk and the trouble of suffering problems with these cards. A chain of protection that works.

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