Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Loudoun, Virginia refers to the crime of sexual assault that includes sexual intercourse, fellatio, analingus, cunnilingus and it also includes the sexual penetration of animate and inanimate objects.


Considering the higher crime rates against the Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Loudoun, Virginia, The laws against the Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Loudoun, Virginia has become stricter and the law enforcing agencies has started taking this law very seriously. Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Loudoun, Virginia comes under the code 18.2-64.1. The penalty against this crime is that if a person provides any paid or unpaid sexual services to an immature who is below the age of 18 or even a person carnally knows with the consent of the victim and victim’s willing would be guilty of a Class 6 felony under the law against Carnal knowledge of certain minors in Loudoun, Virginia. Under the Virginia Law code 18.2-63, a child’s consent is not considered if under the age of thirteen years. The child below 13 years will not be considered a consenting child and is someone is guilty of carnally knowing a child under 13 years of age, he will be charged under Class 6 felony.

Class 4 felony will be charged on an offender who carnally knows a child who is above the age of thirteen years old and below the age of 15 years old with the child’s consent and willing without the use of force and intimidation.  The punishment under this felony might include the penalty of about 25000$ and imprisonment for about 5 years.


The truth is, that mostly innocent people are charged with this crime and are sentenced to jail for about 5 years with a big amount of money for a penalty. Carnal knowledge Defense in Loudoun, Virginia provides the best team of lawyers that will help you in any such case where you have been accused of carnal knowledge in Loudoun. They will do their best to guide you and help you to get the best possible results based on the facts. The lawyer will guide you to the best investigation teams that will provide all the evidence and proves in your defense that will help you get out of this case as soon as possible. If someone is accused of carnal knowledge of certain minors it is more likely that the accused will get contacted by any law enforcing agency or any reporting authority of Loudoun. The accused will be called for further investigation and interrogations.

Therefore, it is better to contact the defense attorney before being called by any law enforcing or investigation agency and know all the possibilities of your case and what penalties might be charged for this course. The defense attorney will provide you with the complete assistance regarding your case. The defense attorney of Carnal knowledge of certain minors is skilled and very experienced. They have complete knowledge and all the required information about the sex crime cases and their penalties and all the necessary requirements that are needed to defend you against the charge of Carnal knowledge in Loudoun, Virginia.

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