Federal Cyber Crime Defense Attorney

Scams, identity theft as well as cybercrime threaten all of us. Each year, people and organizations lose billions of dollars due to cyber crimes, identity theft, and scams. No one is typically immune to such dangers. Both young individuals as well as adults are victims alike and if you assume you are too smart in order to become one of them, then you are utterly wrong. In fact, smart people with highly sensitive financial knowledge are actually more likely to be affected by financial fraud, say a well-versed federal cyber crime defense attorney.

Identity theft, impersonating or assuming the identity of other persons for illicit purposes is a crime classified as identity theft. In the financial context, identity theft is used to access certain resources or obtain credits and other benefits at the expense of the person whose identity is usurped and without benefit. This crime is growing, affecting all financial institutions in Virginia, especially those with Internet operations, says a reliable federal cyber crime defense attorney.

There are wide variety of cybercrime activities take place in Virginia. Some of the most common forms of cybercrime include:

  • hacking: misusing or shutting down computer networks or websites;
  • distributing child pornography;
  • phishing: taking advantage of fake email messages in order to obtain personal information and confidential details from internet users;
  • grooming: making sexual advances to minors.
  • misusing personal details and information (also referred to as identity theft); and
  • spreading hate as well as inciting terrorism;

According to federal cyber crime defense attorney, these numbers, besides being alarming, present a risk to the financial system of our state. Once a financial institution or organization becomes a victim, or even faces a threat of identity theft or similar cyber crimes, such an organization end up establishing a higher reputation. Statistics demonstrate the inadequacy of public initiatives aimed at preventing identity theft and mitigating their damage. So it is our duty to take care of our personal and financial information so as not to be a victim anymore, says a reputable federal cyber crime defense attorney.

Much has been talked about the requirement to view cyber risk not only from the perspective of systems and technology but also as a complete vision of cyber risk, involving participation from Senior Management, through the departments of Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Legal and of course, Communication. The participation of all involved will allow companies to take into account the full cycle of risk, beyond just prevention, considering analysis, mitigation and cyber resilience, says an aggressive federal cyber crime defense attorney.

The attacks that have taken place in recent months, along with the discovery of new forms of cyber intrusion, have served as learning for various companies and organizations. Some of the lessons learned were the need to establish relationships with organizations that offer support in the face of a cyber attack, such as regulatory, legal entities, and recovery service agencies, including forensic analysis and crisis management.

Having prevention and response plans is vital to ensure business continuity, or facilitate recovery, recommends a senior federal cyber crime defense attorney.

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