How much over the speed limit is reckless driving?

Reckless driving is distinct to the careless driving. In case of careless driving or over speeding a driver is issued with a speeding ticket of $6 each mile covered in over speeding. Apart from all this court costs are also included, making the total worth of the fine up to $141. However, over speeding is not considered to be as serious as reckless driving in Virginia, as reckless driving puts lives and properties of people around at risk. That is the reason why reckless driving is considered to be more harmful than careless or improper driving. But now the question emerges that what are the conditions under which a person is accused of reckless driving:

  • If a person is found driving rashly at a speed more than 20 miles per hour;
  • If a person is found guilty of driving rashly in a populated area;
  • If a person is found guilty of reckless driving if approaching a speed of 80 miles per hour;
  • If a person is illegally entering into a premises on vehicle rashly.

Following are the speed limits, exceeding them subjects one to the crime of over speeding, but in case of reckless driving under the Virginia traffic code of 46.2-862:

  • Speed limit for residents of Virginia is 25 miles per hour;
  • On auxiliary streets (those who are numbered 600);
  • The speed limit is 45 miles per hour for heavy vehicles like trucks and 55 miles per hour for low weight vehicles; and
  • A most extreme speed cutoff of 35 mile per hour is applied to every single unpaved street all around the state.

As per traffic laws designed by the US government reckless driving is categorized as a serious offense. Any individual found guilty of it is treated under Class 1 misdemeanor. Under the light of rules prescribed in the directory of Class 1 misdemeanor every individual is imposed to the following punishments. However amendments can be depending upon the nature of the violation committed:

  • Suspension in the driving license of the driver for a certain period of time;
  • Imprisonment of the driver for a particular period of time, mainly either a half year or a full;
  • Heavy fine of up to $2500 is charged to the accused.

Above mentioned postulates depict that a person is committing the offense of reckless driving when driving at a speed approaching 80 miles per hour. Traffic violence charges have strict punishments, however accused can argue in the court regarding his or her act by firmly supporting the stance that although he or she was driving recklessly, all around were safe. In order to prove this stance you need a legal advisor who can deal with your case easily. For this purpose SRIS Law Group is here to resolve all your concerns regarding reckless driving, as we have a team of expert trial attorneys and two former prosecutors. You can contact us anytime when require consultancy.

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