Is reckless driving a minor traffic violation?

Traffic violation is considered to be an offense of substantial illegitimacy all around the globe. Under the rules and regulations designed in order to maintain peace all around US, government has designed a traffic code which has to be abide by all of its states. Virginia, being an important state of United States of America has to follow similar rules and regulations. Amongst all traffic violations reckless driving is considered to be the most serious and most dangerous one, where people and property around are at large risk.

People of Virginia usually get confused between reckless driving and over speeding, however both do have a distinct difference between them. Over speeding refers to the offense in which engine of a vehicle is enforced to move beyond the prescribed speed limit for a particular area while in case of reckless driving an individual is found driving rashly on the streets of Commonwealth of Virginia, putting lives and property of others at large risk. As, already mentioned above reckless driving is considered to be a major offense, therefore penalty imposed in this case is severe as compared to that of over speeding.

Following are punishments imposed in case of reckless driving:

  • A person found guilty of reckless driving is sentenced with imprisonment of a particular time frame(either six months or a whole year, depending upon the complexity of the charge);
  • Guilty is charged with a heavy fine of up to $2500(at maximum);
  • Guilty is charged with 6 DMV points on the driving record that stays on the record for eleven consecutive years.

Penalties mentioned in these postulates clearly depict the severity of this offense. However, the offender can argue in the court that even though he or she committed the offense, but it was save for all around. If approved, punishment is lowered to the charge of ‘improper driving’ where the severity of these punishments is reduced. Following punishments are imposed in this case:

  • A person guilty of reckless driving is charged with three DMV points on the driving record;
  • These points stay on the driving record for three consecutive years;
  • Guilty is not considered eligible of jail prison;
  • Driving license of the accused is not suspended.

One cannot argue against the charge alone, as it is tough to deal with legal suits and police investigators alone, therefore one must hire a legal attorney in order to deal with such circumstances. In case if you are in need of a legal adviser or legal attorney, you are advised to contact SRIS Law Group. We have a group of trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can efficiently deal with reckless driving charges smartly.  Reckless driving is considered to be a major violation, therefore it might takes multiple sessions to resolve this charge. However, you need not to worry when we are here! We provide reckless driving charge solutions keeping in mind your security and satisfaction.

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