Petty Larceny Charge

Petty larceny belongs to various theft charges that come under Virginia code considers offense in the eyes of law. It can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature of theft. It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that if anyone takes away the stuff without consult of its owner with an intent to deprive the other person of the privilege of specific product, then it becomes essential for the law to take an immediate action against the person to recover the stuff and compel that person to face petty larceny charge. If you are accused of such crime, it is important for you to consult an experienced lawyer to help you out and guide you accordingly.

Definition of Petty larceny Charge

In Virginia, it is considered crime to take away any sort of item value less than $5 from the owner of the item with the intention to deprive that person of the possession of the property. On the other hand, an individual takes away the item value less than $200 from the owner without an intent to deprive that person of the ownership of the product. For all these aspects, a person can be accused of petty larceny charge under Virginia code of 18.2-96.

Shoplifting is another way that enables a person to confront petty larceny charge under Virginia code of 18.2-103. In this perspective, a person is charged with hiding the stolen item from the owner of the item, changing of the original price tag or pays the required money less than the actual price of the item. The items less than $200 in shoplifting are considered petty larceny, and it is considered Class 1 misdemeanor.

Moreover, the receiving of stolen items under Virginia code of 18.2-108 is another form of petty larceny in Virginia because the value of the stuff is less than $200. The lack of awareness about complex legal issues connected with these crimes makes it necessary to hire a lawyer to protect you against petty larceny charge.

Proof of Petty Larceny Charge 

In this respect, it becomes crucial for the commonwealth to present solid proof to make offender guilty for the crime such as person took an item less than $200 or less than $5 from the owner of the item without permission of the owner. The accused person wanted to make owner deprive of its stuff. These aspects assure that accused person has to confront petty larceny charge for the commitment of the crime.

Penalties for Petty Larceny Charge

In the light of penalties impose for the commission of a crime; it becomes necessary to face petty larceny charge in form of class 1 misdemeanor. It makes a person go through 12 years of imprisonment with a fine of $2500. As it is categorized as the first-class misdemeanor that compels a person to spend at least 12 years of imprisonment.

Consult Petty Larceny Lawyer

Those accuse of such offense and feel to handle the matter on their own can cost them a lot of trouble when the case proceeds in the court. It is highly recommendable to take help of an experience petty larceny lawyer that can save and defend your case in the court against petty larceny charge.

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