Sexual battery In Hanover Virginia

What is a sexual battery in Hanover Virginia?

Sexual assault or sexual battery is a major sexual offense in Hanover Virginia. Sexual battery is the unwanted sexual contact of the offender with the victim. A sexual battery does not really involve a sexual intercourse, however, it includes grabbing or groping the victim. Sexual battery refers to the act of the offender where it has an intention of molesting or gratifying the victim by touching intimate parts of the victim or asking any 3rd person to touch the intimate parts of the victim. Even the intention of committing such crimes are penalized by the court of Hanover Virginia. Therefore if you are charged with any of such charges you should immediately contact an experienced sex crime defense attorney who will help you in mitigating the penalties.

Sexual battery law in Hanover Virginia

As mentioned in code of Hanover Virginia code section § 18.2-67.4. Sexual battery is stated as:

An accused is guilty of sexual battery if he sexually abuses, as defined in § 18.2-67.10,

(i) the complaining witness against the will of the complaining witness, by force, threat,              intimidation, or ruse,

(ii) within a two-year period, more than one complaining witness or one complaining witness on more than one occasion intentionally and without the consent of the complaining witness,

(iii) an inmate who has been committed to jail or convicted and sentenced to confinement in a state or local correctional facility or regional jail, and the accused is an employee or contractual employee of, or a volunteer with, the state or local correctional facility or regional jail; is in a position of authority over the inmate; and knows that the inmate is under the jurisdiction of the state or local correctional facility or regional jail.

Sexual battery penalties in Hanover Virginia

According to Section 18.2 – 67.4, sexual battery is categorized as Class 1 misdemeanor. A sexual battery has different types and the punishment varies with the severity of the offense such as:

  1. Sexual Battery:
    1. One year jail time and a fine of $2500 maximum
  2. Attempted Sexual Battery:
    1. One to five years Jail time and a fine of $2500 maximum
  3. Sexual Battery When Infected:
    1. Five year Jail time and a fine of $2500 maximum
  4. Aggravated Sexual Battery:
    1. One- twenty years Jail time and fine of a $100,000 maximum

Along with these above penalties, a guilty offender is also asked to register himself as a sex offender in the registry of Hanover Virginia. The sex registry of any state is open to the public and this may carry long-term disadvantages for the offender. The offenders are asked to inform the closest police station before residing, even after serving their penalties because they have certain residential restrictions.

What is the importance of a sexual defense lawyer in Hanover Virginia?

As sex crimes have many negative impacts on the individual as well as on the society, the law enforcement authorities deal all the offenders with a harsh tone. Therefore, if you are charged with sexual battery offense then you should contact a defense lawyer who can help you in tackling the prosecutors.

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