Should I Get a Lawyer for Reckless Driving in Chesterfield Virginia?

Why should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Chesterfield Virginia? Well, this question raises our eyebrows when it springs up in our mind after committing the offense of reckless driving. There is no other solid opinion that can defend the fact that reckless driving is a serious crime in the eyes of the law. Those who face the charges against the crime cannot rid of it simply by paying the fine. In fact, in Virginia, the imprisonment may come with the aspect of a guilty verdict and the possibility of a heavy fine. On the other hand, the driving licence can also be suspended. Apart from these severe penalties, a conviction in case of reckless driving comes forward in form of six  DMV demerits points which is enough to deteriorate your driving record and the increasing cost of insurance. With regard to these penalties, it is highly recommended to consult Chesterfield reckless driving lawyer to you according to a court proceeding.

 Reckless Driving in Chesterfield

Should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Chesterfield Virginia? This question occurs when one has little knowledge about the law of reckless driving. The commonwealth statutes elucidate that reckless driving with a speed or in a way that endangers one’s life, property and limbs is a criminal offense. The law has clearly defined the nature of reckless driving, and the possibility of actual charges depends on the police officer who reports the incident. On the other hand, it is essential to acknowledge the traffic offenses that are created by the legislature and made the impact of penalties more severe than before. In the perspective of the legal system, these penalties are applicable to those traffic tickets that require large fines, prominent DMV demerits points, and the danger of imprisonment. Apart from 13 reckless driving charges, it is important to know the most common ones such as:

  • Reckless driving because of speed
  • Driving a vehicle which is out of control
  • Reckless driving with the help of control impaired
  • Danger related to life, limb, and property of others.

All these penalties abolish the doubt related to question, “Should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Chesterfield Virginia?” The severity of the penalties makes it essential to hire a professional lawyer to defend your case in court.

Penalties for Reckless Driving

Should I get a lawyer for reckless driving in Chesterfield Virginia? In the response to the question, it is highly recommended to hire a lawyer because one may confront imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of $2,500. In case of conviction, one may lose the driving license for six months and can receive six demerits points on DMV driving record. Both of them are statutory penalties that can be faced despite the good driving record.

Speed of reckless driving in Chesterfield

The boundary that separates “pay and leaves” speeding and reckless driving depend on the speed of 20 miles per hour more than the set of limited speed. The speed is measured by officer’s radar gun, which is hard to rely on. These cases are easily challenged in the court by the lawyers. These circumstances left no other option for an accused person to ask himself,” should I get a lawyer for Reckless driving in Chesterfield Virginia?” it becomes the necessity of the situation to take help of the lawyer.

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