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You know you will have a penalty for violation of traffic rules in Virginia if you exceeded the speed?

Excess of speed is a violation of traffic rules, with which lawyers on disputes are faced most often. And this is not without irony: today with so many cars on the roads it is difficult to go even with the permitted speed, not that with the exceeded. It seems that on what street you turn, there are cars everywhere. But despite this, policemen in Virginia constantly write out fines for speeding.

Speeding lawyer Fairfax offers assistance in the cases of laws and regulations violation. Police in Fairfax is charging fines for speeding, based on several methods of measuring the speed of the driver. The first method is to use a special speed control device. They are of two kinds: LIDAR and RADAR.

The second method of measuring the speed of a motorist is based on maintaining the distance. The police officer, following the driver, maintains the same distance between his car and the driver’s vehicle and thus the speed of the driver is displayed on the police officer’s speedometer. Speeding lawyer Fairfax in cases of traffic accidents in Virginia will tell you that the objectivity of this method of measuring speed is questionable.

Speeding lawyer Fairfax is often faced with non-compliance with the requirements of various road signs. The most common violation is the failure to meet the requirement of the Stop sign. In Virginia, the driver must make a full stop at the stop line. This means that the so-called Californian stops (just a slowdown in front of the sign Stop), as they are called by lawyers in disputes with the traffic police in Seattle, are prohibited.

Another violation of over speeding is related to the non-fulfillment of the sign requirement, i.e. the refusal to let the car pass when there is a sign Give way. Another violation is disobedience to the sign of the turn: for example when the driver turns left or rebuilds into another row, despite signs prohibiting it.

In the state of Virginia, speed violations are considered administrative offenses, while others are criminal offenses. The accused in an administrative offense faces a monetary fine; about imprisonment, in this case, it is not.

Since administrative offenses do not have the gravity of criminal offenses, the criterion of proof applied to them is much lower. The criterion of proof applied to criminal offenses is evidence that leaves no reasonable doubt. He is a serious obstacle to justice in the way of recognizing the defendant as guilty.

Speeding lawyer Fairfax in cases of violations of in Fairfax has revealed the pattern of these violations. Many drivers simply do not notice traffic signs, and this is understandable. We often do not pay attention to the things we face every day; besides, we are often occupied with other thoughts while driving. But whatever the reason, disobedience to rules of traffic is still considered a violation of traffic rules.

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