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Property/Asset Distribution

One of the consequences of a divorce in Virginia is the ending of the commingling of assets by the parties. Generally, all assets accumulated and acquired during the marriage, are subject to a division between spouses, depending on the distribution laws of Virginia. One method of distribution of marital property is “equitable distribution”. Equitable distribution does not necessarily mean “equal shares.”

An equitable distribution award in a divorce case may equate to equal shares or it may result in one party receiving a share of the assets that is more than the other party, based on a variety of factors – such as the duration of the marriage, positive or negative monetary and non-monetary contribution toward the acquisition and preservation of the assets, each parties’ acts that resulted in the dissolution of the marriage, income, education, health, age, and so on.

The Stafford, Virginia divorce lawyers of the SRIS Law Group, P.C. help their clients by identifying and valuing assets, and then negotiating or litigating for the best possible outcome.

The Stafford, Virginia divorce lawyers of the SRIS Law Group, P.C. are experienced in both simple and complex property division issues, including: the tracing of separate property, valuing businesses and professional practices, trust assets, stock options, valuation or division of retirement assets and military pensions.

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