Reckless driving is a serious offense. But what constitutes reckless driving in Virginia? Well, reckless driving is a violation of the traffic regulations of Virginia. Driving without caution, driving inappropriately or driving without due care and attention are all less serious than reckless driving. When one is operating a vehicle imprudently, no matter the cause, you can be charged with reckless driving or reckless driving.

Cause of reckless driving

When you are driving recklessly, you are showing a lack of interest in the safety of others and the rules of the road. This is a mental state and can result from one of the following known causes: dissolution or conflict in a relationship or marriage, personality disorder, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and pressure from your environment and road rage. Although psychologists have studied reckless driving in Virginia, no specific cause can be assigned to every person sentenced for reckless driving.

Penalties for reckless driving

Reckless driving is typically penalized with monetary fines, imprisonment, and suspension or revocation of driver’s license. The penalties for running, skipping a red light, braking untimely on wet roads causing slippage or skating, driving without lights, careless driving, being in a traffic accident and drunk driving depend on where you live. Reckless driving can give you negative points that apply to your license. In a 12 month period, if there are 12 or more negative points in your license, it will be suspended.

Challenge reckless driving in court

Reckless driving in Virginia can be defended in court by arguing that the laws and ordinances are not clear. This would mean that the law was unconstitutional and invalid because the definition is very vague. For a large part, the states have succeeded in proving that the laws clearly define the rules, but some have found that the laws are, in fact, unconstitutionally vague.

Separate infractions

Drunk driving and reckless driving can be penalized as separate infractions. The evidence that causes reckless driving in Virginia can be admitted in court. Evidence of drinking while driving, for example, may prove to be the reason that recklessness has occurred, and instead can be used to sentence someone for driving under the toxic influence (DUI).

Negative Points

In every state, anyone who demonstrates carelessness for the rights or safety of people and property by driving recklessly in a dangerous manner or at high speeds is guilty of reckless driving. And the reckless driver gets a permanent criminal record as well as receives six negative points on their license. In Virginia, if you hold 18 fewer points in a 12-month period, then your driver’s license will eventually be suspended. Additionally, you will have to go to the driving school. The suspension span will typically depend on the nature of the traffic infraction. Likewise, if you keep 24 points less in 24 months, then your license will be suspended.

If you are charged with reckless driving in Virginia, it is imperative to retain an experienced and highly reliable lawyer as soon as possible protect your social and professional life as well as driving privileges.

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